Searchmetrics reveals your competitors' online visibility

Searchmetrics is one of the many online marketing tools available. But because of the wide range of SEO tools we can imagine you can’t see the wood for the trees. There are numerous tools on the market that all promise the same thing: online success. We provide insight into the pros and cons of online marketing tools to make things more clear. In this article, we’ll present our experiences with the famous all-in-one SEO tool called Searchmetrics.

How does Searchmetrics work?

Searchmetrics is a very extensive online marketing tool that doesn’t only provide insight into SEO and SEA, but especially helps you to analyze your competition. Whereas most online marketing tools primarily focus on you own website, Searchmetrics provides you with important online marketing data of your competitors. How visible are they and which keywords do they use to rank? Searchmetrics allows you to measure the online visibility in the search engines on the basis of the keywords determined by you. An important benefit is that you can measure the visibility per search engine and per device. This allows you to compare desktop data with smartphone and tablet user data.

Searchmetrics as a foundation of keyword research

Although Searchmetrics also gives you insight into the areas of SEA and social media, the tool especially is a SEO powerhouse. Search Metrics offers the possibility to analyze websites and immediately get data of their visibility, estimated value of the incoming traffic and the keywords they rank with in the search engines. As a bonus, the data goes two years back. That allows you to see how a certain website has developed over the years. So, next to analyzing your own website(s), you can extensively analyze your competition too. By entering your competitors in the Searchmetrics tool, you can exactly see which keywords domains have in common and which keywords rank high. Besides that, you can also see the number of visitors these rankings and keywords have actually produced. In this way, you can see in a glance which opportunities are still left untouched.

Backlink research with Searchmetrics

A proper SEO strategy cannot exist without applying link building. Also for this, Searchmetrics offers an excellent foundation. You can easily unveil the data of the backlink profile of any website. It shows, for instance, how many links refer to a website, from how many different domains there’s linked and to which specific pages there’s linked the most. This is a convenient function to reveal harmful links and detect new link building possibilities.

For which business is the SEO tool useful?

Searchmetrics primarily focuses on medium sized to large companies, but the tool is suited for everyone who wants to improve the online presence of their business. As long as there’s an interest for strengthening the online presence and the capability to utilize the collected data is present, then Searchmetrics will be of value to any business.

What do we think of Searchmetrics?

By using the Searchmetrics Suite, you can save a lot of time and money. Searchmetrics is an easy-to-use tool with a nice interface and lots of convenient functions and options. Are you looking for a tool that shows exactly via which keywords you get traffic, how many potential these keywords have and which keywords your competitors rank with? Then this tool is a very good purchase!

Pros and cons of Searchmetrics

Data goes two years back
Complete audit tool
Simply unveil the backlink profile of competitors
Measure the visibility per search engine and per device
Big keywords database
The software interface supports English, German, Spanish and French

The complete suite is only available as such, no single components available

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