SEMRUSH could be your essential SEO software suite

SEMRUSH can be of great value if you want to make your online business successful. The makers of the workflow have developed a complete workflow for anyone who is SEO minded. SEMRUSH enables you to perform a first keyword research, check search volumes, find out your competitors’ rankings and monitor backlinks.

Keyword research and geographical ranking

SEMRUSH makes it very easy to find out which keywords your website or page (or your competitor’s) ranks on. After completing your keyword research, you can add some extra keywords and keep track of their positions in all the important search engines on the basis of geographic locations. Especially, the geographic location functionality is valuable: bloggers and online entrepreneurs who focus on specific countries or continents, can easily find out how a certain page ranks in a specific region. It’s quite simple actually: click on the flag of the country of interest, enter a domain name and have a look at ‘Organic Research’ and then choose ‘Positions’. You’ll see a top 10 list of keywords that generate the most traffic for the concerning domain.

Screenshot of the SEMRUSH Keyword Magic Tool Interface

The SEMRUSH Keyword Magic Tool provides all the keywords you need

Search Engine Marketing: SEMRUSH

The SEM in SEMRUSH stand for Search Engine Marketing. SEMRUSH helps you to determine the keywords that web pages use to rank with on the internet, but you also receive quantitative details. Find out which keywords you’ll rank with best and also which related keywords have potential.

SEMRUSH can help you to quickly get a clear overview in the complex world of online marketing. You can easily get insight into the keywords your competition uses and what competing domains rank with. Be aware however, the data isn’t always 100% accurate but does provide a global impression of your competition. It’s very likely you’ll run into a number of interesting keywords you can implement yourself.

An overview of the aspects upon which you can analyze your competition with SEMRUSH:

• Keywords: analyze your competitors on the basis of keywords you have entered
• Pos: stands for ‘position’ and resembles the position of a keyword in a search engine. You can manually adjust the search engine as well as the geographic location of a domain
• Volume: the number of exact matches of a specific keyword, based on the determined location
• CPC: stands for ‘cost per click’ and resembles the value of a keyword. It’s the average price your competitors pay for one click on an ad around a specific keyword. The higher the CPC, the more the keyword yields
• Com: short for ‘competition’ and resembles the number of competitors who advertise for a specific keyword. The lower the number, the less competition on the keyword
• Results: the number of search engine results. The lower the number, the less competition the keyword has
• Trend: perhaps one of the most interesting functionalities of the tool.

To perform a keyword research that’s as complete as possible, it’s important to figure out the life span of a keyword. The trend option shows the search volume of a certain keyword group over the last 12 months. When you see a decrease in the number of searches during this timeframe, it means it’s not a profitable keyword group. By using SEMRUSH as a tool for SEO, you can easily find the best keywords to guide traffic to your own website.

Screenshot of the SEMRUSH Dashboard

SEMRUSH Dashboard: use the menu to navigate (1) or enter a query into the search bar (2)

What do we think of SEMRUSH?

SEMRUSH is an essential SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tool. One you actually can’t do without if you’re a serious internet marketer. As is the case with most tools, SEMRUSH works the best when you go for the PRO version. Only then you get complete reports. When you’ve just set up your own website and aren’t very familiar with SEO and SEM, you can also start with the free version. You can then discover how the tool works in a period of 14 days and then decide whether SEMRUSH is useful for you. If you’re convince, you can upgrade to a PRO account to get a fully detailed analysis of any website.

Pros and cons of SEMRUSH

Discover keywords on the basis of geographic locations
More than 46,000,000 domains and 120,000,000 keywords available in the database
Nice interface
Web based tool, so no installation required
14-day trial
The software interface supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese

Data isn’t always 100% accurate

SEMRUSH is available from $99.95 a month. There's also a guru, business and enterprise solution available.

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