All-round optimizing with SEOprofiler

Looking for a tool to conquer that much-coveted top position with in Google or actually maintain it? SEOprofiler offers a complete package of SEO functionalities that makes it a lot easier to optimize your website, among other things. Which keywords should you use and how does the structure look best? Is that convenient? Absolutely! But are you really able to outperform your competition with this SEO tool? We’ll give our verdict.

Monitoring rankings and improving search engine positions

SEOprofiler is one of the earliest and most extensive SEO instruments you can find on the web. The web based tool was found in 1997 by an internet marketing agency from Germany. The tool enables you to accurately monitor your search engine rankings and gives you recommendations to improve or affix your positions. This you can achieve with the following tool components:

  • Ranking Monitor
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Page Optimization
  • Link Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audits

Checking search engine positions with Ranking Monitor

With Ranking Monitor, you can check the ranking of your website in Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo and Bing. You can monitor every keyword, in every country and at any location. And the rankings are updated daily. Ranking Monitor can provide you with insights into the keywords your website scores on, the search volume of these keywords, how your competitors score on them, where your chances lie and noteworthy aspects under the heading alerts.

Screenshot of SEO Profiler's Ranking Monitor

Ranking Monitor overview

Complete report with Website Audit

The function Website Audit checks your website for all kinds of possible errors that could have a negative influence on your search engine rankings. With a clear report, you get a clear overview with suggestions concerning technical errors, web page elements that can perform better, spelling mistakes and other optimization possibilities. Fixed these errors? Then it’s very likely you will obtain higher positions and at the same time you of course improve bigtime on user experience which in turn can very well lead to a higher conversion ratio. You might think that your website is free of errors, but with an increase of the number of your website pages, chances become higher that there are errors somewhere that really need to be fixed.

Screenshot of SEO Profiler's Website Audit

Website Audit lets you check for errors

Keyword research with SEOprofiler

The keywords you will be focusing on is a consideration of the highest importance. That’s why it’s vital to invest some time to determine what are good keywords for your website. The Suggestion tool of SEOprofiler helps you find the best ones. Think of keywords that attract the right type of visitors, that have a low price per click in Google AdWords, that are relatively easy to score high with and/or keywords that your competition focuses on. Depending on your strategy, you choose the proper keywords to go for to make a success out of your website.

Screenshot of SEO Profiler's Suggestion Tool

Find the best keywords with the Keywords Suggestion Tool

Making improvements with Web Page Optimization

The Top 10 Optimizer function works very pleasantly to improve your website in a goal-oriented fashion. It very specifically offers insight into possible adjustments that you can apply to try and conquer a place in the top 10 of Google’s search results. You just enter the URL of your web page, type in the keyword for that page and choose the country. The application then loads the 3 highest scoring websites for that keyword and presents a report with improvement suggestions, based on those 3 websites. The tool compares your website with the highest scoring competition and gives recommendations about the elements you differ from them. Take, for example, the keyword density: does the top 3 have a keyword density of about 5% while yours is 10%? Then you are over-optimized and need to decrease the density. It’s your call whether to delete keywords or create more content to decrease the density.

Screenshot of SEO Profiler's Web Page Optimization

Web Page Optimization Overview

What do we think of SEOprofiler?

With Link building, Website monitoring, Link analysis and AdWords Intelligence in the package too, the software of SEOprofiler is very valuable and complete. Although SEOprofiler doesn’t offer the same details as comparable individual tools would, you are absolutely capable of performing very important and effective optimizations. Do keep in mind, however, that all the optimization suggestions are based on competitors’ pages. The starting-point therefore is: if your competitor ranks on position 1, they are doing something right and you should apply the same optimizations. You can imagine this not always to be the case, so it’s especially important to think everything through and make your own consideration about whether you apply the suggested optimizations.

Pros and cons of SEOprofiler

Complete SEO tool
Competition oriented
Team working thanks to multi-user feature
Export fully adjustable PDF reports for clients
Suitable for both small and large internet businesses
The software interface supports English and German
Keywords are supported in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Not always as profound as one might desire
No contextual suggestions
Own critical view required to judge whether optimizations are advisable

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