Content optimization with SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler lets you optimize all the content of your website so you’ll attract more organic traffic. The tool is actually a complete all-in-one SEO tool, but in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the functionalities that enable you to optimize your website’s content for the different search engines.

SEOprofiler's top 10 Optimizer

The top 10 Optimizer function of SEOprofiler enables you to reach the first results page of Google. First, enter the URL of one of your web pages and a keyword and choose one or more search engines. Next, choose desktop or mobile and click on ‘get high ranking pages’. Then the tool will load the top 3 of high scoring pages for the keyword in question upon which you can create the top 10 optimize report.

Screenshot SEO Profiler Top 10 Optimizer

Top 10 Optimizer Report

Based on the information from the analysis of the competition’s websites, you’ll get a report that contains optimization suggestions. Do you follow these suggestions? Then you’ll better comply with the requirements for a top position in the search results for the keyword in question. The report contains improvement suggestions for different components, among which page optimization that we’ll elaborate on next.

Top 10 optimizer SEOprofiler

Page optimization

In the ‘Page Optimization’ component, SEOprofiler gives recommendations for the use of keywords in the body text, page title, meta description, alt text for images, and more. A clear overview shows which parts are optimized already and which parts need more attention. For example, when clicking on ‘Keyword use in H1-H6’ you see all your headlines of the page in question with a frequency table where your number of keywords is compared with the number of keywords your top 3 competitors maintain. This helps to see the big picture and enables you to perform purposeful adjustments.

Readability Checker

The Readability Checker provides insight into how easy the text on your website can be read and understood by your visitors. The better readable your text is, the more understandable it is and the longer visitors will stay on your website. Google also attaches value to the readability of your website text. Research shows that Google’s algorithm uses 2 formulas to determine readability and thereby partly determine the rankings. Best thing is, that SEOprofiler’s Readability Checker uses exactly the same formulas!

Website Audit

Another valuable component of SEOprofiler is the function Website Audit. This allows you to completely check your website for SEO errors like:

  • Page titles (empty, double, too long)
  • Broken links
  • Meta descriptions (empty, double, too long)
  • IMG alt text problems
  • H1 tags (empty, no keyword)
  • And many more

The Website Audit is a very likeable function to scrutinize your website completely. It enables you to fix errors that very well might have remained unnoticed otherwise.

SEOprofiler Overview

Our opinion of SEOprofiler

The all-in-one SEO tool SEOprofiler is pleasant to work with, partly because of its nice interface and the functionalities towards content optimization. It is clearly represented in overviews which improvements can be made and within one click you know on which page you need to be. Follow up on the suggestions for improvement so be ensured of a high visibility score (how high you are in the rankings of search engines as concerns the keywords you’ve entered in the Ranking Monitor).

Pros and cons of SEOprofiler

Nice interface
Use your account with multiple team members
Export PDF reports
No desktop installation required
There’s only one all-in-one subscription available, no possibility to purchase an individual tool
No context recommendations

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