WebSite Auditor checks your website to allow for content optimization

Website Auditor performs a comprehensive check-up of your website to make on-page analyses and optimizations. A kind of Search Console from Google yet slightly different and with more functionalities. But what exactly do you get in return when you decide to buy WebSite Auditor? We did our research and would like to share our findings with you in this article.

SEO Powersuite spider works like a search engine

With the WebSite Auditor tool, you can analyze the content of your competition and optimize your own. The SEO Powersuite spider explores your website just like a real search engine, looking at images, videos, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash. When everything is mapped and tested, Website Auditor reveals all kinds of things that influence the way visitors experience your website and search engines index and control it. Think of:

  • Broken links and images
  • Duplicate content
  • Limited mobile usability
  • Internal link issues
  • Lean content

Website Auditor Link Structure

Website Auditor provides insight into your link structure

Smart on-page SEO audit

Website Auditor is also able to perform a smart on-page SEO audit. This means that you get an optimization value for each page, so you can directly see which one requires the most work. Not only possible shortcomings are exposed in this way, SEO Powersuite also indicates what factors are influenced by these shortcomings, how to resolve them and how to further optimize.

Site Audit by Website Auditor

Generate sitemap

Another WebSite Auditor function is the possibility to generate an XML sitemap or robots.txt file. This can be done with a simple mouse click. Already have a sitemap or robots.txt file? Then you can still check and edit it and then save it to the server with the help of FTP.

Customized optimization reports

Perhaps you run an online marketing agency and want to report to your customers in a fancy way. The creators of WebSite Auditor have thought about this too. With the Enterprise subscription, the reports are easily to create, fully adjustable and white-label. You can also set the reports to be automated. In the planning module, you can set a task to automatically generate and share the reports with your clients. You can share a link or attachment, via a text email or a customized HTML email.

What we think of WebSite Auditor

To our opinion, Website Auditor is a very professional piece of SEO software. This has been demonstrated by the many positive results that have been achieved, since many websites have reached a top 10 ranking with it. Especially the easy with which you can perform a complete site analysis is splendid. This functionality combined with the more specific but extensive page audit, already makes WebSite Auditor a very valuable tool. Add to that the options TF-IDF overview, Domain Strength, Reports and many more, and it’s clear you get a lot of value for your money. If there’s one negative side to this application, it’s the need to always maintain a critical attitude towards the proposed changes (just like you should with any other tool). We noticed that the data doesn’t always seem to be 100% accurate, so it’s important to decide on yourself whether you make the changes or not.

TF-IDF screenshot from Website Auditor

TF-IDF Content Analysis made easy by Website Auditor

Pros and cons of Website Auditor

Lots of training materials available
WebSite Auditor both available as a single tool and as part of the complete SEO Powersuite package
Free SEO Powersuite instruction manuals available
Extensive online support center
Free trial version available
Desktop installation
Only one account per subscription
Exporting reports is only possible with the Enterprise-subscription
Data isn’t always 100% accurate or up to date

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