Hotjar shows why your website visitors won’t do what you want them to do

Want to better utilize the current potential of your website instead of just drawing more and more visitors? Then Hotjar might be interesting: it’s a very complete but accessible tool that allows you to increase your conversion ratio significantly. But exactly what functionalities does the tool offer and is it worth the investment? We’ll give you an objective explanation, so you know whether your marketing money is spent wisely!

More revenue from the same number of visitors

Imagine: you have finally managed to generate a solid flow of visitors to your website and are happy with the numbers. Still, turnover is insufficient because too little visitors ultimately place an order or perform a similar action. Conclusion: the conversion ratio has to go up! Hotjar enables you to better understand your website visitors easily, thanks to different kinds of clever functionalities so you can work on increasing your conversion ratio in a goal-oriented fashion. Here, the functionalities are discussed one by one to give a good impression of the possibilities.

Functionality 1: Heatmaps

With Hotjar’s Heatmaps, you get insight into visitors’ desires, what they are interested in and what they do on your website. Thanks to a visual representation of, amongst other things, clicks and scrolling behavior, you can understand how your visitor thinks. After all – according to the program makers – these factors are the strongest indicators for visitors’ motivation and desires. There are different options:

  • Click Heatmaps
  • Move Heatmaps
  • Scroll Heatmaps
  • Downloading and sharing heatmaps
  • Dividing Heatmaps into device type

Functionality 2: Visitor recordings

The visitor recordings functionality lets you see what your visitors see. So, you don’t have to guess at your visitor behavior anymore. You can actually see the clicks, ticks and mouse movements of your visitors take place. Therefore, you can see any possible user friendliness problems occur and undertake action directly. This functionality too offers different possibilities:

  • Replay live sessions of real visitors
  • Tag recordings to, for example, categorize certain issues
  • Look at user actions and at the same time make notes
  • Share your recordings with whoever you want
  • Filter your recordings easily

Functionality 3: Conversion funnel

You might already know the conversion funnel from Google Analytics. Where do your visitors drop out? It’s about the steps a visitor has to undertake in the process that should eventually lead to a conversion. But what is the added value of this option compared to what Google Analytics has to offer? Well, you can actually trace the drop-outs and retrieve the associated visitor recording. Thus, you can obtain a lot of extra information about why someone has left the conversion funnel prematurely.

Functionality 4: Form Analysis

How do people experience your online forms? Form analysis lets you improve your forms by discovering which fields take a lot of time to be filled in, which fields remain empty and why your visitors possibly leave the form. In short, this functionality enables you to:

  • Visualize involvement of forms and fields
  • Identify problematic fields
  • Check statistics of dropouts and submissions

Functionality 5: Feedback Polls

You can get to know the underlying reasons for visitor behavior with Feedback Polls. You can specifically address your questions to certain visitors anywhere on your website. Hotjar proposes that improving performances and experiences of your website, starts with better understanding what your visitors want and what keeps them from getting it.

Functionality 6: Surveys

Hotjar allows you to get to know your audience better by means of surveys. Build your own reactive survey and distribute it via web link or email. Or invite your visitors to reveal their true objections or worries just before they leave your website.

Functionality 7: Recruit Test Users

By recruiting test users, you can use your own public to test your website. With this functionality, you can recruit the best possible participants directly from your website for a user research. Collect their contact information and offer a present in exchange for their help.

Our opinion of Hotjar

Hotjar can rightfully be called a complete software package that is suitable for everyone who wants to improve on user friendliness and conversion ratio. This can be web developers, user interface designers, digital marketers and internet entrepreneurs in general. Because Hotjar provides both analysis functionalities and feedback functionalities, you get insight into how users interact with your website, how the user friendliness can be improved and subsequently how the conversion ratio can be increased.

A whopping number of 7 functionalities, presented clearly in the dashboard
Good customer support
Nice interplay between the functionalities
Pretty visual presentation of data
Trial version of 15 days available
30 days money back guarantee
Unlimited number of users
Not all functionalities are equally important

Understand your web and mobile site visitors now in a new and easy way. Find the hottest opportunities for your profitable business.