Scooping more conversions with Omniconvert

Want to improve the conversion rate of your website to realize more revenue? Omniconvert is your Swiss army knife to optimize the conversion process with. Our ProfitableBusiness teams has used this all-in-one conversion optimization tool extensively and in this review we’ll elaborate on how Omniconvert can boost your website – or those of your customers – to generate more revenue!

Eliminate guesswork with A/B testing

Conversion optimization can be a challenging process, especially when you don’t have the correct tools available. Lots of people follow their instinct whilst it’s very important to make decisions based on data instead of feelings. Therefore, Omniconvert offers the possibility to perform A/B tests so you can eliminate guesswork. Perform tests on all your visitors, whether they are using a tablet, mobile or desktop.

The A/B test segmentation machine of Omniconvert

The powerful segmentation engine of Omniconvert allows you to improve user experience, test product features and increase both engagement and conversions. When setting up  your A/B test, you can choose from more than 40 parameters that provide valuable information about your visitors. Think of which pages your visitor has visited before, which products were viewed and via which campaign he or she landed on your website. In this way you can easily change a part of your website content and embed data you have on your visitor.

Realtime website personalization for more conversions

Thanks to the same segmentation engine as discussed above, you can also apply web personalization. This means that you can effectuate a relevant visitor experience. For example, per visitor you can automatically adjust the website to the weather conditions of that moment, to the region your visitor comes from or to his or her surfing behavior.

Ask for feedback with smart surveys

With the feedback survey tool of Omniconvert, you can ask your visitor the right question at the right time. Think of someone who has the intention of leaving your website. That is usually your best last minute chance to persuade your visitor. With Omniconvert, you can ask whether someone has found what he or she was looking for and you can offer a last minute discount code to persuade someone.

Wat do we think of Omniconvert as an all-in-one conversion tool?

In this text we have highlighted some interesting functionalities of Omniconvert. Per function however, the conversion tool offers more applications that allow you to go more in-depth. Valuable additions in the field of A/B testing are the statistic relevance calculator, the option to split test and the possibility to embed multiple pages. Our conclusion is that Omniconvert definitely offers an interesting all-round package with excellent applications. A big advantage is that there’s no need to be technically skilled to be able to work with the tool. As a regular marketing specialist you can perfectly cope with it to improve  your conversion rate within no-time!

Pro's and cons of Omniconvert

Easy to connect with your website
Strong support
30 days money back guarantee

Depending on the subscription, you’re limited to a maximum amount of views

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