How to make money online

Looking for an easy way to make money online? What about completing surveys, reading advertisement mails or visiting websites? All easy ways to make money, right?

Perhaps you want to use a slightly more serious approach and are contemplating starting a vlog or going drop shipping. Again, ‘easy money strategies’, right? Or are you having doubts? Good. Cause so are we.

Easy money on the internet does not exist. Or at least not without a smart approach using the proper tools. We offer you guidance in using this smart approach with the correct tools to become a successful internet entrepreneur! Professional already? Then too, with our tips and tricks you can reach a much higher level!

Making money online effectively

It's often claimed that you can make easy money online using several methods. Yes, everyone can complete a survey, but it is practically impossible to reach a decent hourly rate. Vlogging might yield more, but it is so much more than just showing off your amazingly interesting life. For a start: you need to build up a huge fan base to generate enough views and clicks to make it even a bit lucrative. Fortunately, there are tools available to make it easier, such as YTCockpit for YouTube and Instapro Academy for Instagram. In any case you can do so much more than reading advertising mails as a zombie and visiting websites for a few lousy bucks. Please forget the simplistic, short-sighted methods and let’s talk about a constructive and realistic revenue model that enables you to make a very good living!

How to make money with YouTube

Everybody knows somebody who made money with a video on YouTube. Video’s like ‘David After Dentist’ and ‘Newborn Twins Talking to Each Other’ are examples of innocent home video’s that have gone viral rapidly. You..

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How to make money with Instagram

‘Instafamous’ and ‘online influencers’ are terms you come across more and more. Nowadays, millions of people share their (social) life on online platforms as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Hundreds of people..

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How to launch a new website

Do you want to build a successful website, but don’t have any idea where to start? Building a website starts with determining a topic, where after you can start a keyword research. What will be the topic..

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Make money with affiliate program

You can make money with an affiliate program by earning a reward from a business for each visitor or customer you bring by through your own website. So you generate extra traffic and/or sales for the advertiser in exchange..

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How do search engines work

“Let me Google it for a second” is a frequently made comment nowadays when something doesn’t come to mind right away. What we however don’t realize are all the considerations a search engine has to make to..

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Improving content optimization

With ‘content’ as in content optimization we mean all the different kinds of content that are made available by a medium, both online and offline. Content exists in the shape of text, but also in image and sound..

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How to find the best keywords

You can see keyword research for your SEO strategy as a foundation to your house and making the wrong decisions now, can cost you a lot later on. Worst case scenario? You would have to rip the house down and..

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How to improve website technique

Building and maintaining a website requires a lot of work and technical knowledge. Even if you decide to outsource this process, it’s advisable to acquire some technical knowledge. This will only simplify the communication..

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How to choose the best cms

A Content Management System (abbreviated with CMS) is the name of the system that is used to provide a website with content, such as text and images. Every content management system has built in a control panel..

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How to improve linkbuilding

In spite of optimizing your website completely for the search engines, you might still not enter the top 5 search engine ranking positions. What’s going wrong? Well, nothing really, because if you have followed..

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Improving conversion optimization

Only few internet entrepreneurs are occupied with conversion optimization. Instead, the focus often lies on leading as much traffic as possible to the website. Of course, this can work excellently and we too are..

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How to improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a buzzword in the world of internet marketers. For a reason of course, because making sure people can find your website via search engines usually is one of the..

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