How to make money with YouTube

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Everybody knows somebody who made money with a video on YouTube. Video’s like ‘David After Dentist’ and ‘Newborn Twins Talking to Each Other’ are examples of innocent home video’s that have gone viral rapidly. You can quickly earn a lot of money with these so-called ‘viral ‘videos’. But how can you make money with videos without them having to go viral?

How to make money with videos on YouTube?

Everyone who has ever uploaded a video to YouTube can actually make money with it. How? Very simple: by enabling the function ‘show ads’ for your YouTube channel, you can start making money with your video’s. Enabling ads is only useful however, when your videos receive a lot of views (i.e. several thousands of views). So, it’s important to upload videos that people are actually interested in. After shooting and uploading the videos to your YouTube channel, there need to be advertisers who want to advertise around your video. Therefore, there has to be a fit between the topic of your video and a potential advertiser. You can indicate the subject of your video, so Google can show relevant ads. The more ads there are shown, the more people are willing to advertise. The fact that lots of people are willing to advertise, doesn’t automatically mean that your video will generate a lot of income. The advertisement-income also depends on the amount of views your video(‘s) receive. If your video covers a topic that only few advertisers are interested in, but it does receive thousands of views a month, you can still earn money. Likely even more than when you would have a low amount of views but a lot of advertisers.

With which videos can you make money on YouTube?

First, it’s important to realize that you can only make money with video’s that are your personal property. When you use video or music that doesn’t belong to you, you risk getting into trouble because of legal issues. Of course, you can also choose a topic that allows you to film a lot about, like testing beauty care products or making online tutorials about different kinds of electrical devices. Do you have your own business? Then too, a video is an excellent marketing tool. When people want to see more of your videos, they can subscribe to your YouTube channel. Then you can at least count on receiving views from your loyal subscribers.

Linking your YouTube channel to Google AdSense

So, to make money with your YouTube videos, you need to make use of the functionality ‘generate income’. You can find this on your account features page. There, you can (after YouTube’s approval) turn on the display of advertisements per video.
During the approval process, YouTube first checks whether or not you have published unauthorized videos or have used materials of which you don’t have the appropriate rights for. If your videos comply to the guidelines of YouTube, you can set up a partnership that will be managed by Google AdSense. Then YouTube will display advertisements prior to showing your video’s, so you can generate online advertisement income. After a short trial period, you will receive a small amount on your bank account. Then Google will send you a personal code through the post. By entering this code, your videos will be linked to AdSense and you will receive a monthly income of your YouTube channel on your bank account.

How much money can you make with YouTube videos?

It’s hard to tell exactly how much money you can earn by publishing YouTube videos. Few can make ends meet by maintaining a YouTube channel, but most YouTubers make something between a few cents and 100 dollars.
The difference in income mainly lies in the amount of views videos generate. A rough estimate is that you can earn in between 0.20 and 5 dollars per 1000 views. This directly shows that it’s only useful to make money with YouTube when you receive a lot of views. The exact amount you will receive depends on the topic of your video, because the topic decides what kind of advertisements are shown. Does your video cover a topic that advertisers find interesting? Then you will earn more per 1000 views. Also, keep in mind that Google AdSense applies a payout standard of o minimum of 70 dollars. So, when your video’s yield only 10 dollars a month you will get paid after seven months.

How to generate more YouTube video views?

How can you ensure that your video ranks well compared to the hundreds of million videos YouTube has? Besides choosing a relevant topic and making high quality content, the success of your videos also depends on another factor: SEO. Google and YouTube can’t scan your video for content, so it’s important to use correct keywords for your videos. Do some research into the most common or trendy keywords. The easiest way is to use a keyword research tool for this. Then you can find out which keywords match with the topic of your video. Include these keywords into the title, description and tags of your YouTube video.

Thereafter, it’s important to check the description of your video. To rank high in the list of popular videos, you need to enter an extensive video description. In this way, you can still inform Google and YouTube about the content of your video. As said earlier, it’s good practice to make use of relevant keywords in the description. It’s also important to include a URL, so your visitors can click it for more information. Also, make sure that the descriptions of all your videos are adjusted to one another, so your videos are more likely to be displayed as suggested video next to your video that they are currently watching. In this way, one viewer can generate multiple views of different videos.

Video marketing for entrepreneurs: using YouTube as a marketing tool to rank higher in Google

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine at the moment. And it’s expected that YouTube will be number one sometime. Even so, lots of entrepreneurs fail to utilize the potential of YouTube as a search engine. Which is a shame, because ranking in YouTube and ranking in Google with your video is much easier than you would probably think. YouTube, as a main domain, has a very high domain authority (DA). So, it isn’t very strange that the subpages (the videos) also rank high in Google.

Longtail keywords versus main keywords

Just as is the case with a regular web page, a YouTube video page should be optimized technically as well, to rank high in the search results page of Google. When you have a local business, you’ll want to score high on local keywords. The more specific your keyword, the better. Mainly focus on sub keywords and local keywords. These are the keywords that result in the most conversions (money keywords). Someone who types: “fresh bread craft bakery + your city” is likely looking for the nearest craft bakery to buy bread at on the same day. Someone who’s only looking for “craft bakery” probably is still orientating. Chances the latter converts is a lot smaller.

By focusing on the right keywords for SEO practices, you can achieve much more targeted and efficient results. Not sure which keywords are the best to use for your YouTube videos? SwissMadeMarketing has launched a very useful tool! YTCockpit helps you to find the right keywords with a respectable amount of search volume. YTCockpit also shows how difficult or easy it is to rank on these keywords, depending on the existing competition. Just enter one or more keywords in the tool and YTCockpit shows the minimum and maximum amount of views on the first search results page. Then you can set up a SEO strategy on the basis of this information.

How to optimize YouTube videos?

As a company or local entrepreneur, you often have a corporate video - if not, make one! Use this corporate video for your YouTube marketing and upload it to your channel. Thereafter, you can get started with the SEO of your video. Meanwhile, we all know that it makes sense to include both main keywords and longtail keywords in the title. This is actually your ‘title tag’, as it’s called with regular web pages. Next, you fill in your ‘meta description’: the first two sentences of your video description that are shown in Google’s search results. Again, include your keywords into these two sentences and make sure you make it catchy! Do make sure you don’t use your keywords too often and run the risk of overoptimizing (which can result in a penalty from Google). There’s also an individual field where you can enter keywords and tags: again, enter the keywords you want to rank with (and match the content of your video!). Then click on ‘advanced settings’ above the video title and fill in the proper location which is your city in this case. Set the desired language and Google will take care of the coordinates. Since YouTube belongs to Google, it helps to share your video on Google Plus after uploading it. Use G+ hashtags, because social signals always help you rank better in the search results. Most companies also include a web address or phone number in the title: then visitors don’t even have to watch the video. Instead, they can go to the website directly or make a phone call. In general: the less thresholds, the more conversions. After completing these steps, you wait. Hopefully, you have done well and your corporate or product video will start ranking in Google within a couple of hours!

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