Keyword analysis with Searchmetrics

Looking for an online solution for your online strategy when it comes to keywords? Searchmetrics is all you need. This all-in-one SEO tool offers different ingenious functionalities that provide insight into your best keywords and those of your competitors. Discover all the ins and outs of Searchmetrics in this review!

Competitive Keyword Discovery

Searchmetrics. It’s one of our favorites. The tool processes a bunch of information about websites from all over the world on a daily basis. In this way,  the tool shows you everything about your own website and it unveils the secrets of your competition. Well, as regards to keywords that is. With the Searchmetrics Competitive Keyword Discovery function you’re able to automatically identify the unique keywords of your competitors on a page-level. That means you can compare yourself with any competitor and receive insights in real time. Wouldn’t it be great to identify your competitor’s unique keywords that they rank for, but you don’t? The tool also lets you find opportunities to outsmart your competitors through your own unique keywords and new business niches and competitive opportunities.

Keyword Optimization with Searchmetrics

With the Keyword Optimization function of Searchmetrics you can easily see which URL ranks the highest for a certain keyword. The tool evaluates the placement of keywords and gives action based recommendations that can immediately influence your rankings. The tool also helps you to create a complete set of keywords, categorize them and prioritize them with the help of advanced filter options like quick wins, search volume, traffic index and more.

Show your keyword progress with clear reports

Absolutely great of course, the amount of data that Searchmetrics collects from websites all over the world. But can you make full use of this information? The answer is yes. Keyword Progress Report allows you to easily get insight into the historical performances and trends and enables you to share it instantly. As a marketer, you won’t be busy with pulling data so you’ll save a lot of time. Compare results over time to understand where you have made the most progress or to evaluate the performance before and after an important change.

Keyword strategy using Searchmetrics: what do we think of it?

Searchmetrics is an extensive online marketing tool that provides you with valuable insights, amongst others in the field of keywords. In an easily accessible manner, you reveal the visibility of a website, the estimated value of its incoming traffic and the keywords whereupon the website can be found using the search engine. Not only of your own website, also those of your competition. And, if you ask us, that’s very valuable. So definitely try it out!

Pro's and con's of using Searchmetrics for keyword research

Only the complete Searchmetrics suite is available, keyword analysis components cannot be                          purchased individually

Data goes two years back

Big database full of keywords

The software interface supports English, German, Spanish and French.

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