SECockpit can reveal thousands of profitable keywords

Keyword research is essential for setting up a successful SEO campaign. The creators of SECockpit promise that you can find thousands of valuable keywords within just a few seconds with their product. Sounds promising, right? But how unique is the tool and does it have to offer anything more next to the best keywords? We’ll give our opinion!

The most advanced keyword research

The creators of SECockpit call their program the most advanced tool there is for keyword research. Enter a keyword and get all kinds of suggestions, just like other tools work. Yet, SECockpit does more than just that. For instance, it identifies keywords that have little competition and a high search volume. In this way, you get to know where your chances lie and can focus on the correct keywords instead of dwelling on the most popular terms that your competitors are traying to score on too.

How does SECockpit work?

Via the clear dashboard you can easily start with the basic functionality: keyword research. Enter a relevant subject and select the language and location of the market you’re in. Also indicate whether you want to make us of synonyms, which can lead to a much larger reach. Or perhaps you just want to include closely related terms in your research. You can also enter specific terms to include or exclude them and perhaps you want to indicate a minimum number of monthly search queries.

SECockpit explanation

Now, after starting the analysis the tool starts the research where after related keywords are quickly presented clearly in an overview. The keywords are shown against, amongst others, the:

  • Niche amount, which shows whether it’s worthwhile to focus on this keyword
  • Monthly search volume on the keyword
  • Ranking based on how easy it would be to occupy a top 10 position with the keyword
  • CPC: costs per click of the keyword in Google AdWords

When you click on one of the suggested keywords, you automatically get an analysis of the top 10 results corresponding to Google’s search results. This is a very convenient functionality that helps you determine whether a keyword is worth the effort to focus on during your SEO campaign. SECockpit handles different standards to determine a keyword’s potential. On the basis of ‘Page Authority’, ‘Domain Authority’, ‘Number of Backlinks’ and ‘Number of Internal Links’ and the color codes green, orange and red, you quickly get an impression of the feasibility to go past the competing websites would you focus on it with your SEO activities.

What do we think of SECockpit?

SECockpit lives up to its expectations. Within no-time, you have a great variety of data available where you can base your SEO campaign on. Of course, that’s what you pay for, and although the tool might be situated in a higher segment, the tool of the renowned SwissMadeMarketing is definitely of high quality. It doesn’t only spit out giant quantities of keyword suggestions, with smart algorithms it also generates very concrete and valuable recommendations. That’s where the tool distinguishes itself from similar tools, and prevents you from having to fish in the same pond as the ‘big boys’. Also, the fact that there are a lot of filters available in the key word research is very valuable and enables you to customize as much as you want. You can even distinguish between keywords that search engines like YouTube, eBay or Amazon have on the first results page. As far as we concern, SECockpit should not miss in your arsenal of SEO weapons, regardless of ‘just’ having your own website or being on the web professionally as an online marketer for your clients.

Fast analyses
Access to training material
Lots of filter options
Available individually, not only as part of a package
Cloud based
Export your PDF reports
Only 1 person per subscription

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