The keyword research tool of SEMRUSH enriches your content with the best keywords

The keyword functionality of SEMRUSH allows you to enrich your content with the best keywords for your target group, to get higher rankings in the search engines. You can also get comprehensive information about the value of keywords, for both organic and paid. Besides that, you can also discover which large web players also use certain keywords and see the corresponding landing pages. Continue reading for more information about how to improve your online presence with the keyword functionality of the all-round SEO tool SEMRUSH.

Identifying the best keywords

Which keywords are the best for SEO? A logical question, which however is hard to answer without the disposal of a smart SEO tool. Fortunately, you can quickly get an answer with SEMRUSH. Their motto seems to be: discover what works for your competitors and make sure you do the same but better. By simply entering your domain and navigating to the ‘Competitors tab’, you already get a good impression of the playing field. You can see where you’re at with respect to your competitors on the basis of the number of keywords in the top 100 of the search engine result pages and the amount of traffic leading to the domains. This little preview combined with a table full of information about the less known competitors is a very good first start to perform an analysis with.

The Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic Tool allows you to develop a profitable SEO or PPC campaign. When entering your basic keyword, the tool provides you of thousands of keyword ideas. You can then filter on search volume, difficulty, competition density, SERP possibilities and cost per click data in a clear table. With the function ‘Keyword Grouping’, you can easily segment your keywords per topic so you can quickly find the correct keywords. Once you have chosen your keywords, you can save them in ‘Keyword Analyzer’. In this way, you can compose a handy list with all the corresponding data included. Then you can make an estimation of the amount of traffic to expect out of certain keywords. You can create a whopping number of 50 different lists and of course you can export the findings to the other SEMRUSH tools to keep monitoring the selected terms.

Discovering long-tail keywords

Usually, it isn’t a good idea to exclusively bet on the top keywords. On a daily basis, thousands of search users also use more specific keywords, the so called long tail keywords. Therefore, SEMRUSH helps you to discover new keyword opportunities. Long tail keywords exist out of more specific keyword variations and have less competition compared to the more popular keywords. So, easy to rank on! In the ‘Search Positions Report’, click on one of the keywords your competition ranks on and go to the ‘Keyword Overview’ report. There you can find all kinds of interesting data like search volume, competition, CPC offer and search trends. When you scroll down you can see ‘Phrase’ and ‘Related’ keywords. Here you can find dozens of long tail keywords that you might never had considered to include in your content.

Discovering multilingual environments

SEMRUSH can find keywords for you in 26 regional databases and offers owners of multilingual websites keyword research in 16 languages. So: it doesn’t matter what language your target group speak, you’re always able to reach them.

What we think of the keyword functionality of SEMRUSH

The keyword research component of the complete SEMRUSH workflow isn’t just another keyword tool. It enables you to discover potentially profitable keywords in an easy way. And that can be the keywords your competition might score with already, or the more unknown, long tail keywords that might attract high converting visitors. The fact that you can get to work in lots of different languages is of course a fat bonus.

Pro's and cons of using SEMRUSH for keyword research

Not available as a seperate part of the complete SEMRUSH workflow
Only the most extensive subscription supports team working

Pleasant, intuitive user interface
In-depth analysis
Renown organization

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