Choosing your keyword strategy with SEOProfiler

SEOProfiler is an all-in-one SEO tool you can use to perform an excellent keyword research to discover the best keywords for your website. With the Keyword Suggestion tool, for example, you can discover keywords that’ll attract the right type of visitor or the keywords that your competition focusses on. Depending on your targets, with SEOProfiler you choose the right strategy. Want to know how? Then read on and learn how to make your website profitable.

How do you find the best keywords for your website?

Chose the wrong keywords to focus on? Then you’re wasting a lot of time and money and missing out on lots of visitors thus potential customers. With the right keywords however, you can attract more relevant visitors that are more likely to convert. That’s why a solid keyword research is so important. The Keyword Suggestion tool of SEOProfiler gives you lots of new keyword ideas.

How does the Keyword Suggestion tool work?

To use the Keyword Suggestion tool, you need to act as follows:

  • Go to Keywords and choose ‘Suggestion tool’
  • Enter a keyword and choose a language + region
  • The table shows a plurality of related keywords and the monthly searches on every keyword
  • To be able to estimate the competition on a certain keyword, you can see the values ‘Estimated bid’ and ‘Competition’
  • The ‘Monitor’ button shows which position you’re on with a keyword
  • With one click you can export a full overview of the complete list of keywords
  • How does the Keyword Spy tool work?

With the Keyword Spy tool, you’ve got the possibility to see how your competitors approach things instead of having to reinvent the wheel. Discover which keywords your competition ranks on in Google and which keywords they advertise on in Google AdWords. The Keyword Spy tool can be used as follows:

  • Go to Keywords and choose ‘Keyword Spy’
  • Enter the domain of one of your competitors
  • Click on the ‘Get competitors keywords button’ and a table will be generated containing all the keywords your competitor ranks on
  • Again, you can see the monthly search volume and the mean value of it in Google AdWords
  • To see your competitor’s history of the positioning on the keyword, click on ‘monitor’ and ‘view’ and then on ‘details’
  • Tip: you can easily switch between the organic search results and the overview concerning Google AdWords
  • The Keyword Spy tool is available for different countries: click on the ‘Country’ panel to see in which country your competitor is active on the web

By thoroughly analyzing your competition, you know what they’re up to but can also get new ideas for keyword possibilities to make use of for your own website.

Screnshot SEO Profiler Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool Overview

Discover how difficult it would be to rank

Curious to see how likely it would be to rank high on a specific keyword? Then consult the ‘Keyword difficulty tool’:

  • Go to ‘Keywords’ and choose ‘Keyword difficulty tool’
  • Enter the keyword you want to rank high on
  • Choose a country
  • If applicable, fill in an additional keyword and/or your URL
  • Click ‘Calculate keyword difficulty’ and check out the overview
  • As concerns the ‘difficulty score’: the higher the score, the harder it’ll be to acquire high positions in the search results. Again, via the button ‘Monitor’ you’ve got the possibility to check the rankings of your website for a specific keyword. You can also see the details about the keyword difficulty and the pages that have high rankings at the moment.

High rankings for your keywords

General advice keywords SEOProfiler

A piece of general advice: prevent the use of individual keywords. Usually, keywords that exist out of 2 to 4 keywords have a higher conversion rate. Individual keywords are often too general and won’t attract the right type of visitors. The money and time you need to spend to score high on this kind of keywords often isn’t worth it. Start with keywords that have low competition. Once you rank high on these keywords, you can start looking at the more competitive ones.

What we think of the SEOProfiler keyword tool

The keyword tool component of SEOProfiler allows you to base your keyword strategy on hard facts. With the Keyword Suggestion tool, the Keyword Spy tool and the Keyword Difficulty tool you’ll receive valuable insight into the potential of keywords and the amount of competition on them. In this way, you can eliminate guesswork and get to work thoughtfully to outsmart your competition. Plus, SEOProfiler’s interface is straightforward and it’s very easy to export and adjust PDF-reports. We definitely recommend it!

User friendly interface
Competition oriented
Possible to work with a team thanks to the multi-user interface
Suited for both small and large companies
Export fully adjustable PDF-reports
The keyword component isn’t available individually, only as part of the complete workflow of SEOProfiler
No contextual suggestions
Your own insight is still required to judge whether suggested optimizations are sensible

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