Discovering and analyzing keywords with Trafficanalysis

With SwissMadeMarketing’s Trafficanalysis you can easily discover and analyze keywords. The tool cleverly responds to the fact that Google hardly gives up any data (not provided) and successfully draws from alternative information sources. That’s how you’re able to get insight into about 95% of the keywords your visitors use to reach your website. Further, Trafficanalysis then allows you to analyze the potential of these keywords. Want to know more? Then read our review!

Knowing where your visitors come from

Google keeps most of the keywords that your visitors use to get to your website a secret nowadays. If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you’ve seen it before. Tables where the greater part is ‘not provided’. Very annoying! And if you want more statistics, you need to pay for a Google AdWords campaign first. Trafficanalysis however, knows to make use of Google Search Console’s data in a smart way and complements it using crawling services like SEMrush and SearchMetrics. These crawlers are designed to provide insight into the information that Google withholds anyway and are integrated into Trafficanalysis. Now you can see where your visitors are coming from! Well, for 95%.

Detailed analysis of your rankings

Trafficanalysis shows you how often every relevant keyword is used as a search query in Google, what your position in the search results is on this query and which keywords have the most potential. The achieve that, the tool uses data from other SwissMadeMarketing applications like SECockpit and RankTracker. Thanks to the clear interface, you get to know which keywords have the most to offer within a glance. This results in you being able to optimize the concerning keywords easy and fast to attract more organic traffic.

Investigate your competition and attract new customers

The issue here is that the major part of the keywords people use to find your website is hidden. You probably receive traffic from very specific keywords, but what are these? If you would just know, then you could respond to it and optimize much better. A solution in the world of ‘not provided keywords’ is supplied by the pioneers of SwissMadeMarketing in the shape of an application that provides insight into the keywords your website is being found with. Part of that solution was found at SEMrush, a tool that keeps track of millions of search queries and for every keyword checks the first 20 search engine ranking pages of Google. Thanks to a connection with this application, Trafficanalysis is capable of giving your way more information than you would get from a tool like Google Search Console.

Analyzing keywords

The next step in the process of Trafficanalysis is the actual analysis. After all, the list of keywords you are being found with is available. For instance, now you want to get to know the potential of your keywords, to decide on which you will be focusing for your optimization. For this, a SECockpit-sauce is poured over the data, what you can see from the comparable interface. Within a quick glance it’s clear what the keyword has to offer. You can directly see an overview of your relevant keywords, ranked on the potential which is determined by your current ranking, the search volume and the competition’s strength. Very useful and valuable too since it helps you set priorities in a smart way.

Our opinion of Trafficanalysis

Actually, Trafficanalysis is a program that performs the work of Google Analytics, SECockpit and Ranktracker together and is supported by the crawlers SEMrush and Searchmetrics. In that way, you get a lot of value for your money. Also, the tool works very straightforward and especially the interface – which is inspired on the successful SECockpit of the same creators – is very pleasant to work with. So, are you looking for a tool that shows you exactly through which keywords you receive your traffic from, what their potential is and how much it will cost you to optimize them? Then Trafficanalysis is a very good purchase!

30 days money back guarantee
Timesaving, since you receive all info within one platform
Strong interface
Different subscriptions available
Cloud based, so no installation required
Export your PDF reports
Only 1 login per subscription

Know where your visitors come from, perform detailed analyses of your rankings and examine your competition and win new customers with TrafficAnalysis.

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