Link Assistant makes link building approachable and effective

Link Assistant is of great value for anyone who wants to discover and utilize hundreds of link opportunities without any hassle. The SEO tool helps you to improve your search engine results page rankings by generating extra traffic through link building. Read our own experiences with SEO Powersuite’s Link Assistant and take advantage of it, so you can make your website successful too!

Improving your online presence

Link-Assistant is perfectly suited if you’re dealing with improving your online presence. So, whether you’re an online marketer helping your clients or trying to make a success out of your own website: Link Assistant helps you to book results and look professional while doing so.

The features of Link Assistant

Below the main features of Link Assistant:

·       Discover hundreds of link opportunities in one click

·       Filter promising high-quality links

·       Easily send messages

·       Verify links with a click

·      Dispose over customizable link building reports

How does Link Assistant work?

Link Assistant has a lot of different research techniques to offer. Take, for example, the reviews. Within no time, the tool has discovered hundreds of relevant chances. Further, you can receive lots of information about the value of potential links. In one click, you receive all kinds of data about the value of potential links. Factors as Page Authority, Domain Authority and Domain Age are used to determine the potential of a link. Thereby you also know to avoid links that might be hazardous.

Constructing a link profile

Once you have determined which links can add value to your website, the next step is to approach the concerning webmasters. Link Assistant provides a neat feature you can automatically collect all email addresses with and contact them all at once. You can conveniently make use of email templates that evoke a personal feeling. With this, you keep a clear overview of all your sent messages and the reactions you get to ultimately bring in your desired links and exclude the undesirable ones.

Monitoring your obtained links

If you have managed to construct a healthy link profile, you obviously want to be able to keep monitoring its status. Therefore, the tool enables you to check whether your obtained links are still online, have a follow URL and contain the right anchor texts. Come across any errors? Then you can approach your partners immediately to come to a solution.

Personal reports for your clients

Are you performing link building activities for your customers? Then you can easily customize your reports, because they are white label and suited for every device. Subsequently, you upload your report to the Cloud where after you receive a sharable link. Don’t want to need to look after your reports? Then fully automate them! Setup a scheduled task and Link Assistant enables the autopilot and sends your customers their personal link building report: either through a direct link or attachment, in plain text or a custom HTML-email.

Screenshot Interface LinkAssistant

Link Assistant in our judgement

Our experience with Link Assistant is that the SEO tool is very approachable and easy to use. It’s especially neat if you think you do not yet have the in-depth knowledge about link building. Still, the tool too has added value for the more advanced users like online marketers who want to serve their customers with link building. That’s mainly because of the pleasant feature allowing to customize your link building reports and sending them to your clients automatically. Eager to try the tool? Then download the free trial version of Link Assistant. It must be said it’s quite rare that a company offers so many for free for an unlimited time!

Pros and cons of Link Assistant

Free trial version available, without deadline
Clear overview of your link building activities
Reporting can be fully automated
Good customer service
Link Assistant is available individually, you don’t need to purchase the complete workflow of SEO Powersuite

No Cloud access with the free trial version
A desktop installation is required

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