Instapro Academy lets you live the Instagram dream

‘Instafamous’, ‘online influencers’ and ‘follower base’ are terms you hear more and more these days. Millions of people share their (social) life on online platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Hundreds of people can even make a living out of it, especially on Instagram. But does a success formula exist that guarantees an influential and profitable Instagram-account?

How does InstaPro Academy work?

The popular utility tool InstaPro Academy helps you setup a successful Instagram account. In 8 different steps, each with a corresponding module, InstaPro explains how you can give your brand or business a kickstart. The tool also offers 5 different Instagram ‘best practices’ i.e. examples of successful Instagram accounts that have been optimized for Instagram-traffic and are designed for a large number of conversions.

An overview of the 8 different modules:

Module 1: Building a Powerhouse Brand

By the time you’ve completed the first module of the InstaPro Academy system, you’ll have positioned yourself as a powerhouse brand on Instagram. You’re positioned as a credible authority, to ensure that new visitors of your Instagram page feel engaged with your content and instantly click the ‘follow’ button.

Module 2: Perfect Content Strategy

This module teaches you how to create the right content that at the same time is attractive and valuable to your followers. Learn precisely how to develop a content strategy that enables you to build up a loyal follower base that you can eventually convert into subscribers, buyers or customers.

Module 3: Insta Growth Techniques

Of course, a rapidly growing and loyal follower base is something you want to achieve. How to realize this is a mystery to many. InstaPro Academy helps you to enlarge your follower base without having to go crazy by using many hashtags to attract fake followers or having to go on the lookout for potential followers manually hoping they will follow you too. InstaPro Academy shows you how to automatically attract new followers without needing to figure out what times or days are best for posting.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic Mastery

This module is all about attracting traffic to your website, both for the short and the long run. Instead of spending time, effort and money on setting up Facebook advertisements and waiting weeks for any results, you can use InstaPro Academy to more easily lead visitors to your website. This module learns you how to set up profitable Instagram strategies that practically nobody will use. And the fun part is: you don’t need thousands of followers to let these strategies work!

Module 5: Optimized Marketing Strategies

After following the optimized marketing strategies module, you’ll have a precise and active strategy to let your business grow and generate extra income within a short period of time. Whether you’re a network marketer, business owner, internet marketer, own a business or have an affiliate website: this module helps you set up an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Module 6: Instagram Funnel System

Using a sales funnel is one of the best methods to collect email addresses and generate significant income. However, your traditional sales funnel probably isn’t optimized for Instagram traffic. In this module, you will be lead through a couple of the best optimized sales funnels for Instagram.

Module 7: Instagram Product Development

Product development needs to be fun and exciting, and it’s an opportunity to share your ideas on and knowledge of topics you’re passionate about. It’s the concept you build an online business on. In the module Instagram Product Development, InstaPro Academy shows you how to create digital products for Instagram that yield a high turnover and little refunds. InstaPro also gives you a look behind the scenes, where they show you how they turned their ideas into digital content with a high conversion rate.

Module 8: Tracking and measuring

Many people think that tracking and measuring their website data is the least fun part of setting up their own business, but it definitely isn’t the least important part! As a marketer, it’s your job to test every aspect of your business to make sure that everything you do will take your it to a higher level. In this module, you’ll learn the most important statistic you need to track to ensure you can keep creating the most relevant and high-quality content. InstaPro Academy provides in a system to track and monitor your statistics.

Instapro Academy concluded

InstaPro Academy offers a complete and extensive package for internet marketers who want to specialize in Instagram. The training system exists out of 8 modules and guides you through the different phases of launching your business. InstaPro Academy has marketed the training to help entrepreneurs save time and money since they don’t have to endlessly try different marketing strategies. Every module is designed to give you a look behind the scenes of the strategies InstaPro has applied to make brands successful. Step by step, InstaPro gives you instructions about how to implement these strategies.

Pros and cons of InstaPro Academy

Step by step explanation to start up your own profitable business on Instagram
Clear instructions
Insights into the marketing strategies of successful Instagram accounts (best practices)
Look behind the scenes of InstaPro Academy.
It remains unclear how accurate the modules really are
Still fairly unknown


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