Ranking higher with YouTube videos with YTCockpit

During the last years, video marketing has made quite an advance in the world of online marketing. And it actually isn’t that surprising, since video marketing is an effective way to reach a broad target group in a goal oriented way. However, as is the case with most of the other online media channels, it’s not easy to rank high with your video’s. Competition is strong, so you’ll need to come up with a smart plan to end up high in the search results. SwissMadeMarketing’s YTCockpit can help you set up a strategy: the application simplifies revealing the best keywords and makes placing videos on YouTube easy.

The advantages of ranking high on YouTube

Video marketing has made a big leap, and it’s not without reason. Video’s with original and appealing content are a lot more attractive to check out than plain text is. Also, your viewers are more inclined to share a video than an article. Besides, Google tends to let video’s rank higher than other content. Be aware that YouTube is the second biggest search engine of the world. Google owns YouTube and it’s with good reason that Google often shows YouTube video’s right at the top of the search results. It’s a close collaboration, where a high ranking in YouTube can help your ranking in Google too. Still, you don’t necessarily have to go viral with a video to rank high on YouTube. Of course, it can definitely help, but to go viral you need more than a great video: it’s all about the right timing, the right target group and lots of luck. A formula that’s hard to pursue. Fortunately, there’s a more easy and systematic way to be successful on YouTube and it’s called YTCockpit.

YTCockpit Dashboard Screenshot

How does YTCockpit work?

YTCockpit is an online tool that allows you to easily identify keywords and place videos on YouTube. We’ll enumerate the pros and cons of the tool, so you can decide for yourself whether YTCockpit suits your activities and/or goals. When using YTCockpit, you’ll learn to consequently rank high with your videos. But what kind of functions are we talking about? Firstly, it’s good to know that YTCockpit is fully web based. There’s no need to install or download anything. Plus, the application is compatible with every web browser, from Firefox to Safari. A large asset in our opinion.   Since there are thousands of videos being uploaded to YouTube every day, it’s an online platform with huge competition. The more important it’s to use the most effective keywords. YTCockpit helps you to find these keywords and implement them. After entering your keywords into YTCockpit, you get an overview of all the popular keywords of your niche and get an indication of how hard it would be to rank high with certain keywords. On the basis of a minimum and maximum number of views on the first page, you can get to know whether you’re using the right keywords. YTCockpit also gives related keywords and synonyms suggestions. When your chosen keywords turn out to be too difficult to rank on, you can find less popular keywords.

YTCockpit Screenshot Keywords

Pros and cons of YTCockpit

Easy to use, no downloads or installations required
Can be applied by anyone making videos, irrespective of niche, topic or industry
Presents guidance and a method to generate YouTube traffic
Prevents you from losing hours of valuable time to find the right keywords
Easily uncover the keywords your competitors are using
Packages start from only $16,59 a month
The interface supports English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
Ytcockpit shows rankings for all countries and langauges

Don’t expect instant success: YTCockpit does offer guidance, but the quality of your content and the way you deploy your video’s is still up to you.

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