Create your own website with InCMS and the BizProfit series

The InCMS tool of SwissMadeMarketing enables you to create and edit your website, whenever and wherever you want, without being limited in your creativity whether you’re a beginner or expert. That’s how amazingly easy the CMS is, according to its makers. The CMS is also the driving force behind the platforms LocalBizProfit, MemberBizProfit and AffiliateBizProfit: software from SwissMadeMarketing that allows you to create successful websites with ready-made templates for specific niches. We’ve put InCMS, LocalBizProfit, MemberBizProfit and AffiliateBizProfit to the test and now we give our judgement.

Intelligent and intuitive CMS?

One of the propositions often granted to InCMS is that it’s intelligent and intuitive. Looking at all the different functionalities, we cannot conclude otherwise. Images that you upload are automatically scaled and compressed to limit the file sizes and loading times. And the drag & drop system works easily, since you can position the items on the desired spot with a simple mouse click. You can also easily add social media elements and embed your YouTube videos without any trouble.

Search engine friendly

The websites you build with InCMS are coded search engine friendly and can be set up fully search engine friendly, following the latest standards. Think of possibilities like arranging the common SEO settings like page titles, meta descriptions, image tags, and so forth.

Supporting training material

Getting stuck? Fortunately, there’s a lot of training material available to show you the way. Think of supporting training material like video tutorials, recorded webinars and an extensive user manual. As an InCMS ’client, you’ll also have access to the select Facebook group where users exchange information and help each other out.

+ Choose a monthly or yearly subscription
+ InCMS is available both individually and as part of BizProfit
+ Really easy to use
+ Access to 29 million royalty-free pictures for modest prices
+ Search engine friendly
+ Lots of training material available

- As an advanced user, you might feel slightly limited in your freedom of design


 Make professional, local websites with LocalBizProfit superfast

Looking for a system where you can develop and launch websites within a few simple mouse clicks? Then you should definitely consider LocalBizProfit from SwissMadeMarketing. This tool enables you to create professional websites for your customers in an easily accessible manner. Does that sound interesting? Then read on to discover what LocalBizProfit has to offer.

A new website within a few minutes

Thanks to the pre-defined templates, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and you can make a great start directly. Select the niche market wherein your customer is situated and choose an attractive template. The templates are flexible and completely adjustable to your own taste. An additional benefit is that you’re working in the low-threshold InCMS of SwissMadeMarketing, so you don’t need any technical knowledge at all and you can get to work immediately.

Screenshot LocalBizProfit Interface

LocalBizProfit is more than a website builder

Everything you need to know is processed into the training materials. So, if you get stuck for a moment, just counsel the information that’s at hand. There’s even personal help available by phone when you choose the Agency subscription. Next to a content management system that lets you build a complete website within a few minutes, LocalBizProfit is also a blueprint for setting up your own business and attracting local customers. This includes templates, checklists, presentations, and so on.

+ Lots of templates for different industries
+ Lots of templates for landing pages
+ Optimized for conversions
+ 100% mobile friendly
+ Fully optimizable for search engines

- As a more advanced user you could feel limited in designing

Make profitable, members-only websites with MemberBizProfit

With MemberBizProfit from SwissMadeMarketing you can easily make profitable websites that are only accessible for members. No technical knowledge required! Wondering whether this tool is worth your money? Then read on to find out all you need to know.

Selling and making available high-quality content

A members-only website contains protected content that’s only accessible by users who have log in credentials (obtained after they’ve paid you!). MemberBizProfit enables you to sell content and make it accessible in a members-only environment. As concerns content, possibilities are endless. Think of e-books, pdf reports, audio files, videos, and so forth. Could be hard to realize without any technical knowledge you’d think.

Create strong content while MemberBizProfit does the rest

Still, you only need to make sure you have strong content to offer. Thanks to the ready-made templates, you can make a members-only website within minutes, without having to program a thing. Every website template has a sales page and pages especially for a protected members-only environment.

Supported by SwissMadeMarketing’s InCMS

A subscription of MemberBizProfit includes both the software and the hosting. The CMS is based on the successful InCMS of SwissMadeMarketing that is known to offer an easy accessible interface and is very intuitive. As concerns hosting, this is accommodated at Amazon CloudFront Network. This allows you to benefit from a maximum performance and minimal loading times. All the hosting costs are included into the subscription, so you don’t have to pay any additional costs.

Wat we think of MemberBizProfit

If you want to put up lots of members-only websites, you can eat your heart out with MemberBizProfit. The application allows you to launch multiple websites in a relatively short time. The question is however, whether you’re able to convince potential members to pay for your content that you offer behind closed doors, while similar content might be freely available somewhere else. Do you have excellent and unique content to offer that really has added value for a relevant target group? Then you could be very successful with a subscription of MemberBizProfit.

MemberBizProfit Bundle Package

Creating affiliate websites with AffiliateBizProfit

The third complete marketing package of SwissMadeMarketing is called AffiliateBizProfit. As the name suggests, this bundle allows you to easily create affiliate websites within a few simple mouse clicks. Just like with LocalBizProfit and MemberBizProfit, with AffiliateBizProfit you’ll follow 3 simple steps:

1.       Choose your template

2.       Drag and drop

3.       Add your content

High-converting affiliate templates

Choose one of the many high-converting templates that AffiliateBizProfit has to offer, so you can save lots of time on shaping your website. It’s actually even better to let the design as it is, because the templates have already proven their value and are optimized for conversion. Of course, if you really want, you can adjust the design completely. You can do this with the simple drag & drop system which makes it easy to fully tune the design to a company’s style. Do you have technical knowledge? Then there’s a completely adjustable CSS available. And last but not least, adding content is just as easy as working in a WORD-file. And when adding an image, the website editor makes sure there’s a perfect balance between file size and quality to safeguard the short loading times.Total Marketing Bundle AffiliateBiz

What do we think of InCMS and the BizProfit series?

Whether you go for MemberBizProft, AffiliateBizProfit or LocalBizProfit: from website creation to domain hosting and security, it really meets your need to realize a successful website. InCMS has also proven its value and, depending on your goals, you’re perfectly capable of completely tuning your website to your own taste with one of the website building packages. In our opinion, SwissMadeMarketing as produced only winners with InCMS and the BizProfit series and they provide you everything you need to launch a successful website without having any technical expertise!

Pros and cons of InCMS

Lots of templates that you can use directly
Unlimited hosting of websites
Very speedy delivery via Amazon CloudFront
Publicize content on Facebook within 4 clicks
100% optimized for mobile and search engine
Strong support and development team

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