Improving your search engine rankings with SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is one of the many complete all in one SEO software packages that enables you to make your website better findable. But which components does the application comprise and what can you do with it? We constantly use SEO Powersuite and are happy to explain to you how complete – and essential according to some – this tool really is and why you should or shouldn’t purchase it to end up higher in the (Google) rankings.

Total SEO solution

According to the makers of the all-in-one SEO Powersuite software, you should be able to improve your rankings and overtake your competitors, generate more traffic and sales, and save a lot of time. The package was designed with the goal to combine numerous SEO possibilities with simplicity and user friendliness. The software guides and assists you with every SEO task, without any technical hassle or required in-depth SEO expertise. The total solution comprises 4 components: Rankchecker, Website Auditor, Spyglass and Link Assistant.

Checking keywords with Ranchecker

SEO Powersuite Rankchecker allows you to see how your website performs in the rankings of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You just enter a keyword and the tool shows you which position you website holds in the search results. A very handy tool to constantly monitor your rankings.

Health checkup with Website Auditor

The Website Auditor from SEO Powersuite reminds us of Search Console of Google. The Auditor completely scans your website and produces reports of all kinds of errors that it has detected, like dead links, duplicate content and empty meta descriptions. Also, it shows which on page improvements you can make to further optimize your website and improve its indexability. Besides, you can perform a full content analysis of your own website and those of your competitors in the search engines.

Linking structure Website Auditor

500 internal server error found by Website Auditor

Finding new links and keeping track with Link Assistant

SEO Powersuite Link Assistant offers all kinds of functionalities for the purpose of your link building campaign. The monitoring of links is being made easy for you, so you can work target oriented on a healthy and organic link profile.

Revealing strategies with Spyglass

SEO Powersuite Spyglass is a tool that you use in interaction with Link Assistant. Finding high quality back links usually is a time-consuming job. With Spyglass however, you can save lots of time by revealing your competitor’s backlinks, identifying their high-quality ones and subsequently aspiring those same high-quality back link chances. “Better to analyze someone else’s work, than to get it wrong” is what the program developers must have thought. It works fine, because you easily get a complete overview of the back link profile of any website.

SEO Powersuite Screenshots Linkbuilding and SpyGlass

Our opinion of SEO Powersuite

The software is certainly approachable as far as we’re concerned. But to claim that even a twelve-year-old could use the software? That might take matters too far. Plus, that would detract from the credibility of the applications, because of course we’re serious (semi) professionals who want to be challenged. Still, we can conclude – based on our own experience - that the customer service does what it’s supposed to do. Communication was clear and we can definitely speak of a benevolent and solutions-focused attitude. Do you have to buy their software? That is completely up to you. If you’re looking for a complete SEO tool, then SEO Powersuite can definitely satisfy you. You do have to realize that, even with an extensive tool as this one, not all aspects of the SEO game are yet being touched upon.

Pros and cons of SEO Powersuite

Powerful analysis of competition’s content
Lots of suggestions for improvement concerning your own content
Exporting your data
The tools of SEO Powersuite are available individually
The tools function individually from each other, so you can perform different projects at the same time without overloading your system
24/7 customer support & free training
Trial version available
8 interface languages
The software interface supports English, German, Russian, Dutch, French, Spanish and Slovak
The software lets you work with keywords, websites and web pages in any language

Desktop installation required, so you’re location dependent unless you bring your laptop
Multiple licenses required to use the tool with more than one person

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