OptinMonster enlarges your mailing list and increases conversions within no-time

OptinMonster is a powerful customer acquisition platform that you can effectively generate leads with. The website tool offers functions as creating high converting forms within minutes, converting leaving visitors into customers, segmenting your customers with behavior personalization and applying simple A/B tests to test your ideas and increase conversions. Quickly read further to discover how we have experienced this tool and how it can be of use to your online business!

From WordPress plugin to a complete platform

OptinMonster once started as a WordPress plugin and evolved into a complete platform where you can easily create, implement and test opt-in forms. You can choose between lots of different templates you can then adjust by using the clear editor.

OptinMonster tries to be unobtrusive

Perhaps you’re reluctant to use popovers, and we think that’s very wise. But, fortunately, OptinMonster offers different options to make sure that the popovers aren’t experienced as intrusive. To give a couple of examples:

  • Exit intent: the popover is only presented when a visitor is about to leave the website
  • Scroll trigger: now the popover is only presented when your visitor has scrolled through a certain amount of your content, to be sure he or she has first seen the content before being confronted with your popover
  • 2nd page view: a visitor that enters your webpage for the first time could be scared off, so you can set the popover to only be shown by a second visit

The most important functions of OptinMonster are as follows:

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Mobile-Friendly Popups
  • Floating Bar
  • Slide-in Forms
  • After Post Opt-in Forms
  • Sidebar option Forms
  • Full screen Welcome Gate
  • Form Builder
  • Page Level Targeting
  • Easy A/B Split Testing
  • MonsterLinks
  • MonsterEffects
  • Conversion Analytics

Testing and monitoring with OptinMonster

By just showing an attractive popover at the right moment you’re not done yet. Of course, you’d rather know exactly how effective your popover is. Fortunately, the tool offers the possibility to A/B testing and it provides statistics that matter thanks to the integration of Google Analytics. When you use different titles, lay-outs, colors and images, you can see which converts the best. That’s what you use the smart A/B split testing tool for that normally turns the advanced test into an easy one. Both within OptinMonster as in Google Analytics, you can see can see how your forms perform. The clicks, views, conversion ratios and many more become insightful for you. That enables you to determine (on the basis of data) which form will yield the most instead of having to guess.

What do we think of OptinMonster?

With OptinMonster you can make it very easy and tempting for your users to sign up for things like your newsletter. Moreover, the tool is easy to use, partly thanks to the readymade templates. The downside however, is that not everything is adjustable. This does safeguard the time needed to have your form online. OptinMonster offers ingenious functionalities to prevent your visitors from experiencing your opt-in forms as intrusive. Of course, you play an important role yourself by making sure to applying it wisely. Fortunately, you can count on valuable data to determine whether the forms function properly. Trying is learning! As far as we’re concerned, OptinMonster is a tool that absolutely has added value, for example when you want to expand your mailing list significantly.

Compatible with every website, not exclusively with WordPress anymore
Lots of different versions of forms to choose from
Wide selection of attractive templates for your popovers
Nice and low-threshold interface
Extensive trial available
100% no-risk money back guarantee
Some template elements aren’t adaptable
The most ingenious functions are only included with the pro subscription

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