Sumo increases your website’s traffic and lets you monitor and steer growth

Sumo is a tool with all kinds of functionalities you can let the traffic to your website increase, create a huge base of followers and monitor and steer your website’s growth and success. We’ve put the tool to the test to discover its added value. Think we succeeded? Read on to find out!

What can you do with Sumo?

With Sumo you can increase the number of registrations, attract more subscribers and encourage your visitors to share your content on, for example, social media. Make your website more attractive to your visitors and stimulate them to stick around on it for a little longer to ultimately become a new customer and subscriber. It’s really awesome when they’d subsequently function as an ambassador and attract new visitors by using your share button. But how?

More customers with the List Builder

The goal of Sumo’s List Builder is to convert one-time visitors to life-long readers and customers. The tool enables you to create fancy pop-ups that appear when your visitor clicks something, after a certain time or just before someone wants to exit your website. An important advantage is that you can easily make a professionally looking pop-up thanks to the drag-and-drop system. It’s easy to use, yet advanced. Think of options like a full screen pop-up, a subtle scroll box only appearing when someone scrolls to the bottom or a smart bar at the top of the page and reminds your visitors to subscribe.

More traffic with Share

Sumo’s Share function makes it very easy for your visitors to share content of your website. Thanks to the built in social media button, your visitor can quickly share interesting content with friends and family. Just as convenient, when you’re traying to create high quality content. There are buttons for more than 65 social services, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. And still: no complex code is required thanks to a user friendly drag-and-drop system.

Tracking your Sumo success with Heat Maps

If you’re trying hard to realize a profitable website, you’re obviously curious about the exact behavior of the visitors of your online platform. With Sumo’s Heat Maps, you can see what people do and don’t click on at both your homepage an content pages. This enables you to make really targeted improvements.  For instance, perhaps your call-to-action is overlooked on by your visitors and you have come to realize that it might be better to move it to another position where visitors are evidently more likely to click on it. You can also get a good idea of the quality of your navigation structure, because you can see real-time how people discover your website and its content.

Monitoring your progression with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a cluttered mass of data. Fortunately, Sumo makes it a lot easier for you by importing the statistics from Google Analytics and integrating them with the Sumo dashboard. In this way, you can see at a glance how your website is performing, without having to sift through all your data. Think about values like page views, users, session lengths, bounce percentage and a lot more. With one click you can go back a day, a week, a month or whatever you like. You can also configure Sumo so that you’ll see the statistics when just visiting the webpage, so you don’t even have to leave your own website. Of course, you’re the only one seeing this data!

Our opinion on Sumo

We think Sumo is a very decent tool that does what it needs to do. It might not offer the most in-depth functionalities, but just that is the power of this marketing tool. Sumo doesn’t overcomplicate things. That’s why the application is easy to use but still offers the essential necessities to convert your customers to clients. And the integration of Google Analytics with the dashboard of Sumo is just a very nice bonus!

Nice interface
Works organized
Trial version available without a time limit
Selection of different subscriptions
Extensive guides available to make a proper start with Sumo
Contact form available to ask for help
VIP support is only available with the Pro version

You can get started with SUMO within 37 seconds! Ready?