Discovering the best backlink opportunities with Backlinkspy

Building a back-link profile is a widely used and effective tactic to promote websites. This means spreading links over the internet that refer back to your website. As is often the case in the online world, it’s smart to keep an eye on your competition. And that also seems to have been the basic principle of SwissMadeMarketing when they developed Backlinkspy. If you know where your rival gets his links from, you know where to start your own link building. But how does Backlinkspy exactly work and why should you use it to spy on your competitors?

Revealing backlink chances witch Backlinkspy

You can expose sources of backlinks and analyze the top 10 of your competition on specific keywords witch Backlinkspy. The program also helps you to find relevant blogs, infographics and more. When you succeed in finding out your competitors’ strategy, you’re able to focus on what really works. Instead of randomly placing numerous links to your website without having a clue about the effect of it.

Cleverly designed link building data

The obtained data of all the found websites appears in clear columns and you’re able to sort and filter to your own liking, in the same style as the renowned SECockpit from the same developer. In this way, you can see at a glance where others get their backlinks from, so you have an idea how to set up your own strategy. Maybe you want to be present on the exact same websites as your competitor. Thanks to BacklinkSpy you can work target-oriented and can easily make an estimation of the strength and value of a (competing) web page. Following are a few examples of data BacklinkSpy provides:

  • Page title
  • Status code
  • Page ranking
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Number of SEO relevant backlinks
  • Number of outgoing links

Unveiling valuable backlinks

BacklinkSpy opens every URL for you – in the background – to present all the information about it. Is the web page still live? How many outgoing links do these pages have? And so on. Most interesting is the general value that is determined, which shows how valuable a specific URL can be to you. URL’s with lots of authority and few outgoing links will be at the top.

Extensive Backlinkspy training materials

The world of link building isn’t always that straightforward and link building is an art in itself. That’s why it’s so important to read everything you can about it to make sure you understand both the concept and the tool. The people of SwissMadeMarketing have understood this and have made available e-books, video tutorials and webinars about BacklinkSpy in your subscription, so you can make full use of the tool. You can also ask your questions there, or consult one of the Facebook groups for specific tips about the world of SEO, link building and BacklinkSpy .

What’s our opinion of BacklinkSpy?

Links from other domains that refer to your website, are still seen as one of the most important aspects of a high appreciation by search engines like Google. That means link building still is an important weapon in the SEO battle. A tool that successfully supports you in creating a back-link profile can therefore be seen as very valuable. And as far as we concern, BacklinkSpy from SwissMadeMarketing is capable of doing that job excellently. Analyses in the program generate lots of data that is presented organized, so you can draw your conclusions directly to then perform action.

Pros and cons of BacklinkSpy

30 days money back guarantee
Extensive support
Pleasant interface
Working in the Cloud, so there’s no installation required
BacklinkSpy is available individually
International, for all countries and languages
Unlimited backlink analysis data
Not possible to assign multiple users

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