Discover all your backlinks with SEO SpyGlass

With the ingenious SEO SpyGlass tool you can find all the backlinks that lead to your website. The software is a full set of analytical features that allow you to acquire all kinds of information about your own website and the websites of your competitors. Clever!

Identify the links of your competition and take advantage

With SEO SpyGlass you receive unlimited access to a great source of fresh backlinks. The tool unveils your backlink data with the help of the largest backlink index on the web: the WebMeUp database. That enables you to obtain more backlinks than you could have with any other tool out there.

Basing your decisions on valuable data

Thanks to the analytical power of SEO SpyGlass you are able to make data-driven decisions. Check and analyze your backlink profile extensively to make sure you comply with Google’s latest algorithm updates. You can also employ the tool to spy on your competition to unveil their most effective linkbuilding techniques.

Create clear and customizable backlink reports

SEO SpyGlass also allows you to generate professional reports. The collected data from your SEO tools can be used to create an impressive report that outlines the most important actions to be taken to further successfully optimize your website. Do you want to show off with beautiful reports at your clients? You can easily add your logo and company information. This is one of the may reasons that also SEO professionals use SEO SpyGlass. You do not only take advantage of important information, you also able to translate it to a wonderfully looking action plan.

Pros and cons of SEO SpyGlass

Extensive analysis of competition’s content
The software interface supports English, German, Russian, Dutch, French, Spanish and Slovak
Create professional and customized reportsTrial version available

Desktop installation required
Multiple licenses required to be able to use the tool with more than one person


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