SwissMadeMarketing offers online marketing tools for a profitable business

The all-in-one SEO package of SwissMadeMarketing is fairly comprehensive and provides in all kinds of aspects of setting up a profitable online business. Curious about our experience with the SEO tool and wondering whether it would be a good asset to you? Then quickly read on!

SwissMadeMarketing: a complete set of online marketing instruments

The specialists behind SwissMadeMarketing have been using a clear and driving force since 2010: the recognition that the internet is the most powerful platform of all time. They quickly recognized that online marketing was of huge importance. In fact, they pose that it can make or break a business. The goal of the people behind SwissMadeMarketing is to offer a complete set of instruments and training possibilities that entrepreneurs, SEO companies and affiliate marketers can use to setup a profitable online business.

Promising online marketing applications

SwissMadeMarketing offers the following promising applications:

  • SECockpit
  • Ranktracker
  • Backlinkspy
  • Trafficanalysis
  • LocalBizProfit
  • MemberBizProfit
  • AffiliateBizProfit
  • YTCockpit

SECockpit: finding thousands of profitable keywords

SECockpit is the showpiece of SwissMadeMarketing. You can identify a stunning number of potentially profitable keywords within no time. Simply enter a keyword and receive all kinds of interesting keyword suggestions. That actually works just like other tools, but then with important and additional insights to make sure you’re able to differentiate. A keyword that looks very interesting at first sight, might not be that good at all. SECockpit uses multiple sources, like Google AdWords, Google Related Searches and Google Suggest. Besides, the tool uses a combination of competitor data, like the backlink value and page and domain authority. This really makes SECockpit a one of a kind keyword tool.

RankTracker: accurate rank tracking management software

It’s not that easy to rank high in all the search engines. So, if you’re investing lots of time, money and effort in optimizing your website for the search engines, you want to know if you’re getting good results. Monitoring your rankings therefore is a must, even to just be aware of the effect of your SEO campaign. Thinking of checking everything manually in Google Search and constantly keeping track? Save yourself the trouble. You can quietly lean back and relax with SwissMadeMarketing’s Ranktracker. Enter your domains and keywords and the marketing tool will monitor and keep track of everything automatically.

Ranktracker SwissMadeMarketing Package

Backlinkspy: expose the backlink sources of your competitors

Backlinkspy from SwissMadeMarketing allows you to spy on your competitors. That can be very useful. Surely, if they rank higher than you, they must be doing something right. The application enables you to discover your best backlink opportunities. Within a few clicks, you’re aware of the most valuable backlinks of the best websites and you’ve got insight into data like page title, Domain authority, the number of SEO relevant backlinks and outbound links.

Package Backlinkspy SwissMadeMarketing

Trafficanalysis: discover where your traffic is coming from

If you’ve already performed analyses with Google Analytics, you undoubtedly have noticed that lots of information is hidden. Lots keywords visitors have used to reach your website, are categorized under the denominator ‘not provided’. Trafficanalysis cleverly responds to this. By combining data from Google Search Console and other experts like SEMRush and Searchmetrics, a large part of the hidden keywords can be shown. That means you get to know where your visitors come from, you receive a detailed analysis of your search engine positions and you are able to investigate your competition and attract new customers.

Package Trafficanalysis SwissMadeMarketing

LocalBizprofit: create and sell local websites

Want to create professional websites for local companies? LocalBizprofit is an excellent CMS you can get going with immediately. And it doesn’t even require any technical knowledge! Thanks to ready-made templates, the tool works nice and fast for both beginners and the more advanced.

LocalBizProfit Package

MemberBizprofit: create members-only websites

With memberBizprofit you can create professional websites that are only accessible for members. Making sales pages is also a possibility. Again, you can make use of ready-made templates and if you’re experiencing any problems, you can count on one of the many extensive tutorial video’s.

Memberbizprofit SwissMadeMarketing Package

AffiliateBizprofit: create high converting affiliate websites

Choose one of the many high converting templates, adjust a few elements to make it perfectly fit your business and then add your content just as you would do when working in a WORD file. Et voila. You don’t need any technical knowledge to create a nice, smart and well-protected website. It’s as simple as that. AffiliateBizprofit is an intelligent website management system that provides in all your web needs: from website creation to domain hosting and security.

AffiliateBizProfit Package

YTCockpit: optimization software for YouTube

YTCockpit enables you to score high on YouTube with your videos. To go viral, a video especially needs to be brilliant. With YTCockpit you however don’t need a brilliant video to score high. You can easily identify popular keywords and get insight into the feasibility of scoring high taking competition into account.  It helps you to work systematically so you can score a large number of views systematically.

YTcockpit package

Cloud based

One of the many nice characteristics of the SEO software of SwissMademarketing is that all the applications are cloud based. That means no annoyingly long installations and to see how your website is functioning you can login from any part of the world if internet is available. You just need your login credentials, not even your own laptop.

Extensive knowledgebase

Are you a bit worried about your technical giftedness and do you wonder whether your skills are good enough to make full use of the SwissMadeMarketing tool(s)? No need to worry. All applications are so user friendly that anyone should be able to get by on their own. And if you do get stuck, there’s a complete knowledgebase available at the support page of the website. You can find all kinds of manuals and video tutorials per tool that can help you out, which is also very nifty when you’re in need of some inspiration or looking for some tips and tricks!

Personal, pro or agency

As concerns subscriptions, you have several choices. Every tool is available individually anyway. Some are available as a duo in a combination deal, like SECockpit and RankTracker. For every component you choose either the personal, pro or agency plan where you get more functionalities, accounts, support and/or training the more you pay. And then there’s a choice between a monthly and yearly subscription.

What we think of SwissMadeMarketing

SwissMadeMarketing doesn’t offer online marketers one of a kind tools. The extensive way the tools are worked out however is unique. Take for example SECockpit. At first sight it might look like a tool just like any other tool for keyword research. This tool excels however, since it offers way more than other tools. You get insight into many additional data and the application gives you recommendations on keywords that have the most potential. That’s something comparable tools lack. Actually, this is the case with more tools from the package, because RankTracker and Backlinkspy excel in completeness too. Moreover, every SwissMadeMarketing tool shows a sign of Swiss virtue. The tools do as they promise, are designed beautifully and clearly and they produce reliable data.

Pros and cons of SwissMadeMarketing

Every tool is available individually
Renowned organization stands behind the tool
Different types of subscriptions available
Cloud based software
Extensive knowledgebase available for support and training
In general, interface supported languages are English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
Limited combinations of tools available for a special combination offer

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